We can all be Superheros!

We can all be Superheros!

Over the past couple of months one of the most frequent questions I have been asked is “What can I do to help?”.  Well the answer is simple:  Pay it forward. We have been sending out ReesSpecht Life cards all over the country (and internationally too) – with the hope that each card represents a reminder to people who recieved a random act of kindness to pay it forward themselves.  In order for this to work people need to believe in the power of paying it forward and the chain reaction it can create.

Unfortunately, a chain is only as strong as it weakest link, and there are many cases where the card is passed on, but the chain is broken – and that is ok.  The act of kindness is what matters.  Don’t be discouraged if the card ends up in the trash if you pass it along, because for every card that gets discarded there is one that get passed on, helping someone else.

Sam and I are trying to work out just what we are going to do next.  So far ReesSpecht Life has made contributions to 3 area families who were suffering through tragic losses of their own.  We also donated money to Gavin’s trust (Chasing Rainbows)  and Brodie’s (the dog of our Logo’s creator, Adam Smith and his family) rehibilitation.  We will soon be awarding two scholarships to Seniors at each of the High Schools in our district and we have plans on the table for helping a very special little girl suffering a terrible illness in our community.

All of these things are possible because of the generosity of all Rees’ pieces.  So when you ask “What can I do to help?” – you are already doing it!  The support we have received in the past couple of months has been amazing.  All we is ask is that you keep us in mind when you think about doing kind acts.  Keep ordering those cards (remember that donations or completely optional!), send them out and let’s continue to make the world a better place, piece by piece.



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