On October 27th, 2012 our lives were shattered by the loss of our beautiful little boy, Richard Edwin-Ehmer Specht (Rees).  In order to help put back the pieces and ensure that his spirit endures perpetually, we have started ReesSpecht Life as a reminder to all that the simplest things done for others can have the greatest impact.  We want to change the way we treat each other, one piece at a time.  ReesSpecht your family, ReesSpecht your friends, ReesSpecht complete strangers… ReesSpecht Life!  Thank you for your support!

A Superboy...

A Superboy…



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  1. Just wanted to let you know that I donated my company’s time last weekend to install a pond in what is going to be an ecology center at Mt. Pleasant Elementary School. It was done with the hope that it will be a learning tool for the students both educationally and also be used to teach some form of water awareness/safety. They are going to be putting a plaque up and I asked that the ReesSpecht Life foundation be included to continue paying it forward.

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