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It is a unique experience to devote your life to something that has the greatest meaning to you and, in many cases, merely catches the eye of other people. I believe that any parent can relate to this feeling as it is much like having a child… to you that child means the world – and to others, especially those not related to you, that child’s importance in those individual’s lives is not even remotely commensurate with your feeling toward them.

This is precisely the feeling I have with ReesSpecht Life: it is our baby that means the world to us, but represents an intriguing distraction to others, but does not have remotely the same importance to them. My fear is that once another distraction comes along those who do not share our attachment to the cause will simply forget us (and my boy by association). The fear of loss is eerily similar to the protective fear every parent has for their children. This fear is of course compounded by the fact I have already felt the immeasurable loss of my little boy. I don’t want to lose this, but the grim reality that we can, and do, lose the things we love the most is always there in my mind.

I am painfully aware that all the care and preparation one can take can never guarantee the safety of the things we hold most dear. At this point I could allow my fears to overtake me and give up… or I can do what I have done since we lost Rees: take the obstacles that life has thrown at me and grow from them. I choose the latter.  I realize that the likes on our facebook page have slowed to a trickle, but the optimist in me also notes that the weather outside is getting nicer and people are less likely to be on their computers right now.  I fully expect us to continue our growth and I will continue to spread this message: even if I represent the last Rees’ piece.  My Boy left me with a mission.  I am not stopping, I am not giving up.  He would expect nothing less, and now, neither will I.  ReesSpecht Life.




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