BusinessCardHandNancy D. writes:

“I had just returned from a Christian Conference in Georgia and I was on my way home from the airport when I saw a garage sale just closing up.  I happened to see an item I needed as a prop for our Children’s Ministry Theater.  When I asked the price the man named Ben told me, but the price was a little high for our church budget.  Just then Ben said, “wait just a minute” and he went into his house.  He handed me the card and he said I can have the item for my church for free if I would pay it forward.  I promised I would!”

And that is the power of paying it forward.  Now multiple people will benefit from the chain reaction of kindness started with one simple gesture.  🙂  Thank you for sharing, Nancy!



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  1. I wonder if that card was from the set my cousin Debbie gave out to participants in the 5k she helped organize for a student in need of a double lung transplant. Her support of that student and his family led to many acts of love and kindness, and the sharing of ReesSpecht Life cards is leading to even more! By the way, Sawyer received his lungs in December and is making wonderful progress!

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