We have had a lot of visitors to our site and we wanted to share this video done by Verizon 1 which sums up pretty much everything we are about.  Samantha and I are both humbled and honored by the love and kindness being spread in Rees’ memory. Please Keep Cultivating Kindness, always!!!




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  1. You are wonderful people to spread good such good words. You are what this world need more of

  2. I wish what happened to waitress could happen for me and my kids my kids were form me almost two yrs ago to the day I’m have complied with doc but because of me believe ing I could trust my baby daddy family and my old family when I was having issues being a single parent but I couldn’t they turned on me and my kids have been gone for two yrs living with my daughter God family same people got them took from me I miserable my kids everyday I love my kids and wish they’d gave my kids back everyday their God family don’t really let me see my kids i rarely get talk to them on phone. But God is good I’m glad i read your story i only wish I had an angle in my life like that.

  3. Hey my name is Tracy Thomas I live in Atlanta GEORGIA I came across your story on Facebook about the waitress. I was overwhelmed when I read the story I wish someone would help me like I’m always reading about other people blessing and I just be so happy for them I wish we had angles like u where I live I’m a single parent of nine my nine my kids were tooling by dfc three times I was struggling to make ends meet trusted the people and now my kids or gone and may not come home again u see they gave them back before twice already but let dfc tell it I wasn’t doing rite but that’s not true it’s been me against the them for two yrs trying to get my kids back I have completed everything they ask me to do but they are trying to give my kids back to Me still I can’t afford a bigger enough place for me and kids thAt doc would approve of rite now I’m not working I live on a fixed income but I surive just barely but for now its all can do rite now but I do love and miss my kids and love them very much.I just their was good people u here in Atlanta GEORGIA.

  4. I would like to just say how amazing this story is. You both have such huge hearts and keep pushing forward after tragedy has fell on you. I’m not one to tear up but this story had a huge impact on my personal feelings. Thank you both and God bless.

  5. Bless you. What you are doing here is just wonderful. I feel for you and I am truly sorry for your loss and I am thankful for your sharing and your kindness and I know your boy is so proud of his parents because you truly are amazing. You really are. All the best.

  6. Dear Rich and Samantha,

    I want to thank you for sharing your heart-wrenching story with such love and compassion – transforming tragedy in a way that keeps the memory of your beautiful son alive while educating and helping others. “Ree’s Pieces” is both such a creative and inspiring theme . . . It makes me want to be a “piece” (which I will, by purchasing some of your terrific products that promote awareness and well-being and kindness to others!)

    Rich and Samantha, I am inspired and touched by your bravery, courage, and love for Rees and one another. May the loving memory of your son soothe your grief with an internal sense of peace within yourselves.

    For those difficult times, that come and go like the ebb-and-flow of the tides – when your emotions are flooded and cannot be soothed – may you both find peace in knowing that thru you – Rees lives on in a very real way. You were blessed to have him – and he was blessed to have you too.

    I also keep in my heart your “friend” who – while on his/her timewatch – Ree’s life was lost forever. I do pray that his/her soul can be soothed a bit too while grieving Ree’s loss.

    May your wonderful and philanthropic work and efforts of “ReeSpect Life” bring you as much joy and satisfaction as you have brought to others by it.

    Keep up the great work.

    With respect and blessings,

    Susan J. Lindner, PsyD

  7. I was so happy to see the children being taught positive examples through the Rees books. Indeed good seeds are being planted into the lives of these children,whose minds and hearts are such fertile ground at this stage of their lives.

  8. Hello, your tragic story touched me very personal. I have experienced the same thing, my granddaughter drowned while we were on a family vacation in a pool. We also have a foundation called Natalias Save A Life Foundation which is about organ donation. After the tragedy I gave her CPR as well and when we got to Miami Children’s she went to several tests until they pronounced her brain dead. So my daughter donated her organs. And this is how we as you keep our kids alive. I would like to know how I can receive the pay it forward cards so that I can pass it on to my family and friends. Best regards, Gladys

    • Gladys, you have pay it forward in a way that can never be repay.. Bless you and your family for the selfless gift in a tragic time. I am alive because of a organ donor, and i can only hope you have contact with the families that received your granddaughters organs, she will be with all of you forever


    • I am so sorry for your own loss… The fact that you turned a tragedy into something to help others is truly inspirational. Thank you for showing others that there is light to be found in the darkest of times.

  9. I was moved by Rees’ and your efforts. My little Goddaughter, after looking at a UNICEF commercial the other day, stated she wants to help do something. I’m going to share Rees’ story and help her to perform a pay it forward on a smaller scale. Thank you for sharing Rees’ story. You’re amazing and blessed.

    • Bless your Goddaughter for thinking outside herself and wanting to help others. That is what it is all about. Cultivating the inherent kindness in every child’s heart and hoping we inspire them to keep it with them when they become adults. <3

  10. Thanks for sharing. I’m glad to see that more news outlets are sharing your story which will enable this movement to grow further. Also, it’s great that schools have joined in and I’m sure many more will do so because it’s such an important lesson for kids (as well as adults). Little Rees, as well as you guys, Rich & Sam, have touched so many hearts and will continue to do so for many years to come. Wishing you peace and love.
    P.S. Just ordered my Cultivate Kindness t-shirt earlier today 🙂

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