993436_399900393476472_461191970_nSanta’s elves have nothing on Rees’ pieces.  Tonight we dropped off hundreds and hundreds of toys to the Family Services League and filled up a room with toys that will make the Christmas of children who would have gone without this holiday season.  December 19th would have been Rees’ 3rd birthday, and many of the toys we delivered would have made his eyes light up with glee if he were here to see them.  The pain of not having our little boy with us, at what should be the happiest time of year,  is mitigated by the fact we know there will be so many smiles on all of the children who received toys because of the generosity of Rees’ pieces.  I am in awe of what the human spirit can accomplish, and I know that this world is filled with good and kind people; some just waiting for their chance to spread kindness to others.

Last year around this time I vowed that my son’s memory would help make this world a better place, one piece at time.  Every person who donated a toy, no matter how big or small, is affirming that vow I made.  I wish heaven had a direct line so that I could tell my little man how much I love him and miss him.  I wish I would have had the opportunity to see his eyes light up upon seeing his Christmas toys under the tree.  The hardest part of losing him is losing the things I never had, but dreamed would come.  Those dreams are no more, but his spirit remains.  Every child that opens a present this Christmas morning will have that light in their eye that I am sure Rees will see from heaven above.  My world was made a little more whole tonight – and it was done piece by piece.  Thank you all – this journey has only just begun and I can’t wait to see where we go from here.  The Holiday spirit is alive and well, helped along with a little Rees Specht for life…

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  1. From all of us at Family Service League- THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! The toys that were donated and secured by the Specht Family and Rees Spect Life Foundation will be put to great use.
    We have set up 4 locations throughout Suffolk county where parents can come to “shop” for two new unwrapped items for each of their children at no cost to them. In this way, parents have the pleasure of presenting their children with gifts they have chosen especially for them, and their children have the joy of receiving something meaningful to them from their parents. This may seem basic to most of us but for many of our clients, it is a much-needed and powerful experience that can elevate the self-esteem of both children and parents. Thank you all again! All it takes is a little Rees Specht. <3

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