Tractors:  My favorite!!

Tractors: My favorite!!

Tractors were, by far and away, Rees’ favorite thing.  The week before he died we took him to a farm to go pumpkin picking and there were tractors everywhere.  I remember commenting to Samantha that he was in tractor heaven.  His eyes lit up with each new iteration of tractor he saw.  At 22 months old, Rees was not a big talker, but he could say TRACTOR quite well.  He kept looking around frantically pointing and saying, “Tractor!”, “Tractor!” – all the while the largest smile I ever saw adorned his beautiful face.  Rees, on that day you were in “tractor heaven”, today it is my sincere hope that you have all the tractors you could ever want in heaven 🙂   I never got to have that tractor ride with you on my lap, save for in my dreams.  I look forward to the day when you and I can have that first ride together.  I love you, Son.  I miss you more than mere words can express.  You inspire me everyday, and even more importantly, you are inspiring others to make this world a little better.As I look back on his brief life, and the message we are trying to convey now, I can only wonder if his love of tractors, and their role as a cultivator,  is more than just coincidence…  afterall,  kindess is exactly what we are trying to culitivate with ReesSpecht life.  Keep culivating kindness, Rees.  Love, Daddy.



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  1. such a beautiful way to see those beautiful memories of your little man, and to continue to pay it forward. The signs are there every day, you keep writing.
    best,Mary M

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