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We are proud to announce that Rees’ birthday, December 19th, is now officially Richard “Rees” Specht Kindness Day in Suffolk County, NY.

Samantha and I are honored that Legislators Anker and Muratore sponsored this proclamation making the birthday of our little boy “Kindness Day”.  It is our hope that others will be inspired by the spirit of our little Rees to help make this world a better place, one piece at a time…  This honor could not be better timed, as it helps to ease the pain of knowing that this friday would have been Rees’ 4th birthday.  Happy Birthday in heaven little man.  You have a day named after you…  wow.  Mommy and Daddy love you to the moon and back.  Happy “Kindness Day”, Reesie.

Click to Read Full Proclamation

Click to Read Full Proclamation

There is no better day of the year than “Kindness Day” to accept our Kindness challenge!  Click HERE for more info

See Video of meeting and the proclamation:



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  1. What a wonderful tribute to my Grandson! I am so proud of my Son and Daughter in law in how they have handled such a tragedy with dignity and love. Reese always is in our hearts but now he has a special day and wonderful message that will live forever❤️ Thank you Tommy and Legislator Ankor for making this Possible. And Thank you Rich and Sam for being such wonderful , caring parents ,children., and positive role models in the community! Love you to Infinity and Beyond!

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