After seeing the incredible success of the ALS Association’s #Icebucketchallenge, we have been inspired to do something similar to promote kindness.  The best part?  It takes no money* and only takes a fraction of your time to complete.
Here’s how it works:
It starts with a nomination.  Just like in the #Icebucketchallenge, you will be nominated by someone else on your social media friends list to complete the challenge.  To complete the challenge you need to perform an act of kindness and record it in some way (photo, video, written description, etc.) You then share your act on your facebook page, twitter account, instagram etc. and nominate other friends to accept the challenge as well.  When posting your challenge, please include your friends names and the tag #kindnesschallenge.  Feel free to share the post @reesspechtlife (twitter) or @ReesSpecht Life (facebook) as well.  We would love to see your ideas!  Also, if you have ReesSpecht Life “Pay it Forward” cards, make sure you leave them with your act!  Please limit videos to 30 seconds or less.
Below is a list of ways you can spread some “Seeds of Kindness”:
pay-it-forward1aReesAvatarAnother option is to create a video of yourself giving thanks to an unsung superhero in your life.  Surprise someone with a testimonial of the impact they have/had in your life.  Tell them how they have impacted you and how much you appreciate it.  This person must be someone who you can share the video with on a social media platform such as Facebook or Twitter.  You do not have to share this video with everyone, just your hero – unless of course you want everyone to know, then by all means share away.  Whether you share your video or not, remember that you will still nominate others to accept the challenge and tell them that you thanked a real life Superhero in your life.  You do not necessarily have to nominate your unsung Superhero, though we do encourage it.
After you have completed your challenge, it is now up to you to go to your social media page and nominate your friends.  It’s that simple!  Let’s see how much kindness we can spread!  We can make this world a better place – one Rees’ piece at a time…

*some forms of “paying it forward” do necessitate monetary contributions.



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