Card Story of the day:

“Brought your message to Cortland, NY this weekend. Gave a single mom with 2 kids something she wanted but could never allow herself the luxury to buy. She was overwhelmed and promised to pay it forward – two college students witnessed her joy and asked me about the card I gave her. I explained your mission,they were so touched they took some cards from me to spread the message. Today was the best day I have had in a long time. Thank you for encouraging us all to be the best we can be to each other.”

Thank you, Diane.  Somewhere, out there, Rees is smiling 🙂  – and I am too!



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Hi Rich and Samantha,

I just thought you would like to know that yesterday I used your business card to pay for the customer behind me at the drive-thru at Starbucks on 347. When I gave the card to the lady she informed me that they are receiving DOZENS of these cards a day and constantly having people pay for the car behind them. She asked me a little bit more about the cause and I explained it to her. She then asked me for a card so that she can join in. I thought you would be super happy to know that your voices are being heard and you are really making a positive impact on people!

Keep it up!!


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