462942-bigthumbnailIn many ways life’s journey is much like traveling down an unknown highway complete with detours, speed traps, hazards,  unexpected sights, sounds and smells.  Each of us starts our trek as an unwitting passenger in our parent’s own journey. At first our own path is indistinguishable for that of our Mother’s and Father’s as we are incapable of forging our own path – our biology ensuring our dependence on them for years. Yet, while we begin tethered to our parent’s own journey, the yearning to forge our path develops almost immediately. As time progresses the yearning to make our own way in the world grows and we begin heading off on our own side travels, stretching the limits of the ties that bind us until, after further and more frequent stretching, the tie is completely severed and we begin the process of forging our own way down life’s highway – … Read More

431722_4737461955428_110405206_nThere is a hidden me that no one sees.  He is right next to you in the theater, watching with you but feeling something different.  While you are laughing the hidden me is holding back tears condensed from a fleeting glimpse of something that reminded him of Richie.  The hidden me fakes a laugh so as not to arouse the suspicions of those next me.  The outer me is enjoying the film with you while the hidden me is breaking apart inside.  After  some time passes my facade wrestles the hidden me into a détente – a tenuous truce where the hidden me recedes further into the shadow of my being, waiting for its opportunity to hide in plain sight again.

The hidden me is right next to you in bed, hearing the silence of your peaceful slumber: careful to ensure his sobs don’t disturb the peace you appear to … Read More

969761_10201540412453116_327911912_nYesterday my family and I decided to take a walk to the beach, something we have not done at all this summer even though we live within walking distance. Neither Samantha, nor I, are “beach people” – we like the idea of being near the water but find the annoyances; sand everywhere, the not quite pure nature of Long Island sound etc. of beach days outweigh the joys. When Sam and I purchased our home almost ten years ago we figured we would go to the beach all the time and if nothing else, enjoy the sites, sounds and majesty that our shores provide on an almost daily basis. We figured the proximity of the beach would transform us into beach bums who would idle away their summer break on Long Island’s north shore. Sadly history has proven otherwise, as I can count on my digits (toes included) the number … Read More

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