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farmerThere have been over 400,000 ReesSpecht Life cards distributed.  If you are here because you received a card and a random act of kindness, please feel free to share your experience with us.  We would love to hear the accounts of different acts of kindness being committed in Rees’ name 🙂

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  1. Richard Specht came to our school and taught us about respect and kindness.
    You really helped my school become nicer.

  2. Today my middle school had an assembly where Richard (founder of Reed Specht) talked about the origin story of this charitable organization. It was a touching story and I was able to get a card. I was out with my friend the same day and at Carvel (an ice cream store) I gave the cashier $10 and told him to use it to cover the person behind me and I left the card. I really hope it started a chain reaction!

  3. Today after work I went through drive thru and when I get to the wonder to pay the worker there told be the car ahead of me paid for me. I was in shock and thought maybe he was joking and tell me they asked him to give me this card. I was a little confused but can’t wait to do the same for someone else. Thank you so much to the person who did this.

  4. Hi. You came to my school today and moved me with your story. Im so happy you found something to help with the pain of loosing someone you love. My dads best friend recently passed away, and now his 3 kids (ages 5,6, and 10) dont have a father. But my dad goes over to play with them and make them feel better. I heard about this story a long time ago and I was moved by it. Thank you for sharing your story and i will make sure to spread the message and help others.

  5. I was on the opening shift at the retail store I work at. I was cleaning the fitting rooms and I saw the card on the ground. Maybe someone may have not been aware that this card fell out but it really made my day. I haven’t yet decided my act of kindness but life has a way of working out.

  6. A Starbucks gift card was left under the windshield wiper of the car I occupied at the Target store . I will be more than happy to pay this act of kindness forward in little Rees memory.

  7. My kids (ages 4&5) and I were eating at Dennys in Otsego, Mn today. When I asked for our tab I was told our meals were already paid for and I was handed this card. This simple act of kindness brought me to tears.

  8. My grandma and I were in Bob’s Big Boy in Northridge California and when we got ready to pay for our bill we were told somebody paid it forward and paid our entire bill. That was such a nice gesture and whoever you were thank you so much it touched my grandma’s heart. #sheisacancersurvivor

    • You’re very welcome! Pay it forward please. Maybe one by one we can all make this world a better place. We love. Bob’s Big Boy!

  9. Thank you to the woman in the awesome bright yellow Dodge Ram pick up truck!! I received the Cultivate Kindness card today when you paid it forward and bought me my coffee on the drive through line at Starbucks! The card brought tears to my eyes and made me realize how much a simple gesture can mean so much. You made my day. I will keep this card as a reminder to “Cultivate Kindness”

  10. We were so moved by the presentation that we immediately wanted to take action to spread kindness as far as we could. We decided to do something for our pen pals in both Scotland and Australia. We brainstormed as a class and decided to send a copy of the book A Little Rees Specht along with a copy of Mr. Browne’s Precepts – 365 Days of Wonder. We wrote our pen pals a letter explaining the story of the presentation, we sent the books, and sent them kindness cards. Our pen pals were so excited to receive our packages and plan to spread kindness in their own country!

    • The car in front of me at the DD drive-thru this morning paid for my breakfast and asked the cashier to give me the ReesSpechtLife card. I am so grateful to have been the recipient of this random act of kindness in your beautiful angel’s memory and will be honored to pay it forward.

  11. Today’s presentation connected with students. The combination of story and science made a lasting impact. Like a mentor text, I know that we will refer back to the colored water moving forward. Each day we are faced with choices over and over! This visual representation was one that everyone, child or adult, could understand and personalize. Words and actions have reactions, I know we all want to pass on the seeds of kindness.

    Thank you for joining our Kindness Club for an intimate conversation. It was a special opportunity to have a chance to hear from you.

  12. I just got this email from a parent about her daughter’s response to today’s program (see photo). Thank you for a great day!

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