The time is here! We are thrilled to announce that our crowdfunding campaign to illustrate and print the sequel to “A Little Rees Specht Cultivates Kindness” is now live! We have 33 days from the date of this post to raise $20,000 to cover all the expenses to self-publish and distribute the book. If we don’t raise the funds in that time, we will be unable to make the book.

Failure is not an option. We are confident that the support of all of Rees’ pieces will make this campaign just as successful as the one we did to create the first book.

Contributing is simple:

  • Click on this link HERE
  • Choose a perk (This is where you can get your book – or just make a donation!)
  • Checkout

It’s that simple! If we hit our funding goal by November 29th, 2022, the book will go into production and should be shipped by the spring of 2023. If we do not hit our goal by the 29th, all contributions will be refunded, and we will be forced to scrap the book entirely.

I have faith we will make this dream a reality. The support we have received these past ten years has proven that people believe in the power of kindness and our mission. Samantha and I thank you for your continued support and cannot wait to share this story with you. <3 

Let’s prove to the world that all it takes to stop a bully is a little Rees Specht.



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