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“Brought your message to Cortland, NY this weekend. Gave a single mom with 2 kids something she wanted but could never allow herself the luxury to buy. She was overwhelmed and promised to pay it forward – two college students witnessed her joy and asked me about the card I gave her. I explained your mission,they were so touched they took some cards from me to spread the message. Today was the best day I have had in a long time. Thank you for encouraging us all to be the best we can be to each other.”

Thank you, Diane.  Somewhere, out there, Rees is smiling 🙂  – and I am too!





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  1. Angels Glorified in Chesapeake, VA….2 more Rees’ Pieces
    I moved to Virginia in January 2013 and was blessed with an amazing boss. She had lost two sons to two different illnesses both in their teens. I was devastated at the loss of little Rees. His parents Sam, Rich, and I all graduated high school together. Somehow I knew my bosses sons Trevor and Curtis, were showing Rees how to be an angel. So in honor of Rees I created a memory garden for my boss, all in Rees name. Pictures, plants, and divine sayings all under a tree that provides protection from the sun and rain. This will only be the beginning of spreading the seedlings and love to many more Rees’ Pieces. Forever live on young sons and always ReesSpechtLife.

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