Families in our community need our help now, perhaps more than ever before…

Sadly, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many of our drop-off locations are unable to physically collect toys this year.  In a year where we expect the need for donations to increase exponentially this could be potentially devastating.  Fortunately we have a solution that we think could help offset the loss of physical locations:  Contactless donation through online retailers!

The easiest way to do it is to click on our Amazon wishlist (HERE) This will set up shipping and allow you to choose from the gifts our experience tells us are the most needed.

If you do choose Amazon, we are preferably asking any/all of Rees’ pieces to go to smile.amazon.com and choose the ReesSpecht Life Foundation as the non-profit you will support (doing this will ensure that a portion of proceeds will go directly to the foundation!).  

You don’t have to go through Amazon either. 

Another option is to click this link to Discovery Toys: httpss://bit.ly/CultivateKindness.  They will take care of the shipping address, you just need to pick what you want and pay. 

Finally, You can choose an item at any online retailer and simply choose the foundation as the shipping address!  Our address is listed below:

ReesSpecht Life Foundation
25 Crane Neck Drive
Sound Beach NY 11789

It’s that simple! 

We are in need of toys for all ages and especially items for teens.

Please know that NO donation is too small.  We are in desperate need of toys this year.  Our hope is to fill our garage even more this year with your help.






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  1. I went to the Amazon site and listed are items for adults, no toys. Needless to say, I did not get anything.

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