The end is nigh…

Thankfully, mercifully, the U.S. election season ends this coming Tuesday, November 8th.  I am almost certain that I speak for most of us that the date can’t arrive soon enough.  It seems like post after post on social media is about the election.  Friends share stories with me about people judging them based on their political choice.  Compared to four years ago things appear much worse now and the polarization seems ready to go nuclear.

The lamentation I most often see is the indignation of choosing between the “lesser of two evils” in this election.  Post after post on my news feed reiterates this.  These posts almost always end with the same conclusion:  “We don’t deserve candidates this bad.”

Of all the complaints that pop up on my social media accounts, the idea these candidates were “forced upon us” appears most frequently. To these people, the … Read More