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Sunday, April 17th 2016

We are proud to announce that the ReesSpecht Life Foundation has been chosen to be the recipient of all funds for the first annual “Smithtown Mile”.  With your support we can make this event a great success and help raise money to fund our scholarships and other charitable endeavors.   If you are business and you wish to sponsor the race, please see the sponsorship information below.  A .pdf of the sponsorship packet is available HERE (and below)  To register for the Race click HERE

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The Smithtown Mile

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Click HERE to download a copy of the sponsorship packet.

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What was the worst day of your life? If you are like most, you likely responded with a date in which a close loved one was lost.  In my experience most adults have lost more than one close person to them, so they usually lay claim to multiple days – not wanting to diminish the impact of one loss in comparison to another.  For parents who have lost a child that struggle to choose one day does not exist… There is only one day that can lay claim to the title of “worst day ever”.

My worst day ever came on October 27th, 2012; the day I lost my 22 month old son, Richard Edwin-Ehmer (Rees) Specht.  One of the truth’s of aging is that the longer we live, the more loss we must endure.  In my forty years of life I have lost too many people that I considered … Read More