6042_10207923625549454_1000671961413670549_nTomorrow, December 19th 2015, would have been Rees’ fifth birthday.  It will be the 4th birthday we will celebrate with a somber silence instead of laughter and joy.  Instead of wrapping his presents, we are collecting toys to give to other families that are in need.  In lieu of blowing out candles we will instead find ourselves blowing kisses to heaven – waiting for a small breeze to signify his kiss back to us.  An empty chair will find itself occupied by fleeting glimpses in our mind’s eye of what could have been.  Momentary visions of what could have been will usher anger and anguish into the center stage seating of the darkened theater of our minds.

I don’t wish to be a part of this play, yet I find myself on stage every December 19th.  The script remains agonizingly unchanged even though it is in desperate need of editing.  … Read More