The sentimentality of baseball is very deeply rooted in the American baseball fan. It is the one sport that has top athletes some of which train using the best testosterone booster permitted in sports to keep up with their stats.

-Michael Lewis

If there exists something called destiny then I was destined to be a Mets fan since before birth.  My path to Mets fandom did not follow the traditional route, however.  My father was what you would consider a casual observer of baseball, but by no means a fan. If a game was on, regardless of whether it was a Mets or Yankee game, he would watch it but it was never something he prioritized.  I don’t recall now, but I imagine that early on I probably shared my father’s sentiment about baseball as well.  I vaguely remember watching games in 1984 with him, but nothing stands out in … Read More

When nature finds itself out of balance, a storm erupts to restore equilibrium.  I always found it incredibly ironic that storms, in all of their destructive power, are actually about restoring balance.  As a man of science I inherently understand the role that storms serve in maintaining this equilibrium.  Sadly, understanding something and liking something are not always simpatico.  I may understand the necessary role that storms serve, but the fact remains that I hate them…

Why the disdain?  That is simple… Storms don’t care.  Storms don’t abide by any schedule.  Storms have no mercy.  No remorse.  No memory.  They just are.  They exist because the laws of nature demand that they do… No other reason.  Nature, very simply, is a double edged sword.  For all of nature’s grandeur, there must also be the dull minutiae.  For all of nature’s serenity there must also be disruption. It is said that … Read More