We have had a lot of visitors to our site and we wanted to share this video done by Verizon 1 which sums up pretty much everything we are about.  Samantha and I are both humbled and honored by the love and kindness being spread in Rees’ memory. Please Keep Cultivating Kindness, always!!!


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It is impossible to quantify kindness…  This is a truth I have come to realize in the 2 plus years my family and I have been on this journey we call “ReesSpecht Life”.  Kindness cannot possibly be measured because it is something, like love, that exists in our hearts and not in our heads.  There is no computation for kindness… you can’t ascertain a mean, median or mode for it.  Kindness just “is”… it’s inherent in the heart of every person – though, for many different reasons, it lay dormant in too many of us.

When my wife and I set out to form ReesSpecht Life, we did so with a mission to honor our little boy’s brief life and pay back the kindness of those people who rushed to our aid in our time of need.  I never intended for this movement to become what it has.  We just … Read More

Recollection of my dreams often evades me, but rarely do I ever forget a nightmare.  Last night was one of those moments in which I awoke from a nightmare so vivid, so intense, that even in those first few waking moments I was not certain of just what was “reality”.  In that dream my youngest child drowned – and to say it was jarring is an understatement.  As lucidity returned I found myself still in a panic and went directly to her crib to allay my fears.  Upon entering her room I was immediately comforted by my little girl’s peaceful slumber interrupted only by a few, cute, little moans.  My instinct was to pick her up and cradle her in my grateful arms, but I resisted as to not wake her.  A comforting smile crept across my face as I stealthily slinked out of her room, comforted by the reassurance … Read More