We spent 12 of the 14 days after Rees’ death in darkness.  Not a figurative darkness, a literal one.  It took 12 days for the Long Island Power Authority to restore our power in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  For 12 days I sat in a dark, silent, house befitting my shattered and darkened soul. For 12 days I toiled about, much like other Islander’s, keeping my generator running, trying to figure out how to shower, and coming up with creative ways to create meals out of a rapidly defrosting melange of meats and veggies in our freezer.  My family felt the same shock shared by most of the people in the tri-state area who suddenly found themselves with the first-world only problems of being cut off from our social networks, newsfeeds and favorite tv shows.  Superstorm Sandy was a shared dose of misery for almost every person in the … Read More