October 27th, 2012 – July 27th 2014:  Beginning of the 22nd month.



 December 19th, 2010 – October 27th, 2012: 22 months old.


The length of time Rees was in our lives is now the length of time he was removed ripped from it.  I never really realized just how short a span of time 22 months was until I lived it in the wake of his loss.  22 months since I last heard his laugh.  22 months since he woke we up with his smile.  22 months since he last grabbed my hand.  22 months since I last heard him speak.  22 months since he was last in my physical world.  22 months since I was whole…

22 months represents his entire life.  Beginning to end.  Everything he was, everything I know about him – I feel about him, is derived from a lifetime that spanned 2 months shy … Read More

editor’s note: This post was originally published in July of 2014 but has been updated to include recent events.

The first few weeks of grief after losing a child are a mixture of rage, sadness, helplessness and fear: An unstable concoction that can react and explode at any given moment.  As someone who can now count himself among the unfortunate fraternity of those who lost a child I am sometimes asked by people to reach out to others who have recently suffered the same loss.  The almost universal inquiry that follows is if I can say something , anything, that will help them or guide them along their path.  Sadly, it is in those early days that words will have little or no effect.  I cannot describe the hysteria that is felt in the immediate aftermath other than to say it is a wheel of emotions in perpetual flux.  You … Read More