Well, we are 16 days into our attempt to raise the funds to self publish 2,000 copies of our book.  So far we have raised just over $6,000.00!  As of now we are 1/3 of the way to our goal, with a little less than 2/3 of our time remaining.  At this rate making our goal is going to be really close.  We need your help…  Below you will see three promotional pictures with links to the .pdf files for each (Click on each picture for .pdf).  Please share these with your friends and family and, perhaps more importantly, any businesses/orginization that may want to sponsor us.  I know we will reach our goal – and it is all because of the amazing people we have that have helped us reach the place we stand today.

As an added bonus, for any business/orginization that you recommend that partakes in our … Read More

There are many people who have messaged me that are confused about the availability of our book.  I want to clarify everything and explain (as succinctly as possible) what the current status is and how you can order the book and/or help us make a wide distribution of it possible.

As many of you are aware, we had publishers lined up for our book and were set to release it on May 7th… well due to unforeseen circumstances, our original publishers were not able to produce the book in the format we wanted.  As a result of this last minute potential disaster we were forced to scramble and find another way to get the book out.  We could try other publishers, but that process will take more time and we really want to have the book available as soon as possible without going through the vetting process of finding another … Read More

This past weekend was a microcosm of the emotions I have experienced over the past 19 months.  Exuberant highs, followed by sullen lows, inconsistently oscillating back and forth in quick succession leaving me in an apprehensive state not knowing when the switch would occur.  While my emotions seem to be leveling out as of late, I find that certain situations throw off my balance – and this weekend was a perfect example of that.

It actually all started several weeks ago when we received an invitation for our dear friends, Lisa and Mike’s son’s 3rd birthday.  We received a similar invitation a year ago, but we respectfully declined feeling that the timing was too close to our loss of Rees and we just did not feel ready.  This year we decided we were going to face our fear and be with our friends as they celebrated the third year … Read More

I feel that we are at a crossroads…  On one hand I love what we are trying to do, and knowing that I am doing it to honor my little boy lights a fire inside me that vanquishes the darkness his death imposed upon us.  On the other hand, trying to accomplish our goal of spreading kindness is a tremendous struggle and a second full time job that I am not sure I have the will to continue doing.  Many people warned me that running a foundation is an incredible time constraint and that it takes a toll.  These same people recommended that we perhaps look to another foundation to help with our cause and save ourselves from the inevitable time crunch running something like this would entail.  I thanked them all for their advice and pushed ahead anyhow, armed with a sense of purpose that made me throw all … Read More

Time… I seem to never have any of it anymore, which is in stark contrast to my perception of it before we lost Rees.  It used to be that I felt I always had all the time in the world ahead of me.  As a result, I never really worried at all about it.  Now I find myself constantly worried about time.  It seems there are timers on just about everything I find myself doing lately.  Countdown’s to fundraisers, meetings with different people interested in learning more about what we do, calling back this person – or emailing another – I find there simply just is not enough time anymore.

In many ways I now have 3 full time jobs: #1 (always will be) – Being a Dad for my little girls and the future baby Specht, as well as a loving husband.  #2 – 8th grade science teacher.  #3 … Read More


Help us get our book published 🙂  Please click on the link to our crowd funding page over at Indiegogo to see how we are trying to get our book published/printed.  The fastest way to get a copy of the book is through a sponsorship in our crowd funder.  Please help us realize our dream of making A Little Rees Specht Cultivates Kindness available for everyone.  Read over at Indiegogo  Here



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