We are pleased to announce the arrival of our ReesSpecht Life 6″ x  6″ weatherproof car magnets!  Now you can let the world know you are one of Rees’ pieces 🙂  Below is a picture of the magnet on the back of our cars to give you a sense of scale:









You can order your magnets right here on ReesSpechtLife.com!  Magnets sell invidually for $6.00 plus shipping, and orders of 2 or more are $5.00/magnet with FREE shipping.  International orders are subject to a small shipping fee added at checkout.  All proceeds from the sales of magnets go directly into our scholarship fund.  As always, thank you for your support!  We look forward to seeing Rees’ pieces out on the road!

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I am worried…  Now for those of you reading who know me personally, you know that those words are almost alien to me.  If there is one thing that served to define me for most of my life it would be the fact that I do not worry about pretty much anything.  Bills?  They will get paid.  Paperwork? It will get done.  My weight?  I will lose it.  Regardless of just about any situation that life throws at me, I generally approach it with the same attitude:  I will get done what needs to get done when it absolutely must be done, and if as long as it doesn’t kill me I will not worry about it.  Up until the past sixteen months, there are few other times in my life where I did not approach life with this attitude.

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I miss my little boy.  The fact that I write that should come as no surprise to anyone, but my reason for writing that may…  You see there are times where I do not miss Rees.  – now before you stop reading and turn off your computer in disgust, bear with me. –  There are times where I forget that Rees is gone.  Times where my life is just as it ever was and my days are completely indiscernible from the days prior to his death.  These times are few and far between, yet I have noticed their duration apparently burgeons on a daily basis.  With each passing day I notice the constant pain that followed immediately after Rees’ passing seems to yield, ever so slightly, to a peace that no longer seems alien to me.  Unfortunately, that peace comes at a price…  All of the sudden, out of … Read More