The New York Islanders and ReesSpecht Life are proud to announce

ReesSpecht Life Night with the Islanders!


To Order Tickets online:

If you wish to order tickets by mail, you can click the “Ways to pay” image and print it.

Let’s Fill the Nassau Coliseum with Rees’ Pieces!!!  We look forward to seeing you there!

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It has been a while since I have written anything, I think mostly because I really do not find myself with enough time lately.  ReesSpecht Life’s incredible growth in the past few months comes with the consequence of Sam and I having very little down time away from either our Daughters, our careers or the foundation.  I think most people assume that Sam and I have people working for us, helping us out with card orders and all the minutiae of running the foundation – but we don’t.  So far, the majority of ReesSpecht life’s day to day operations, is a two person show.  Combine those time commitments with the normal commitments of everyday life and you find yourself in a position where free time is a nice idea, but not reality.  Luckily, as teachers, we do have “built in” vacations that give us a breather from a large commitment … Read More