imageWhen we get to a certain age we are told that the trappings of youth are nothing more than fantasy.  The belief in magic, fairies, monsters and Super heroes – things every child believes in at some point, ebb away with the steady flow of reality each passing year.  As we approach adulthood those innocent beliefs of childhood are replaced with the acceptance that “The real world” contains none of these things.  Magic:  merely an illusion.  Fairies: mythical creatures conjured by the human imagination – and existing only there.  Monsters: the only “real” ones are labels we place on the most abhorrent of humans.  Super heroes:  Colorful characters who wear their underwear on the outside who possess powers that are physically unattainable.  All of these things represent our desire for something more from a world that seems to take more than it gives as we age.  The older we get, … Read More

photo (2) There was a time when I was Santa Claus – or at least I played him,  for six years…  Back when I was in High School I was approached by my manager at the local drugstore I worked at and was asked to play Santa.  At first I thought it was insulting, thinking that my pudgy frame was her reasoning for asking me.  I remember thinking that I did not want to do it, after all how can someone who is only 17 and a Junior in High School pull off being Santa?  After mulling it over for about a day, I told my manager that I would do it and she was elated.  She immediately took me to the storage area and showed me the costume…  It looked exactly like what you would think a local drugstore’s 20 year old, bottom of the line, made in China Santa suit … Read More

993436_399900393476472_461191970_nSanta’s elves have nothing on Rees’ pieces.  Tonight we dropped off hundreds and hundreds of toys to the Family Services League and filled up a room with toys that will make the Christmas of children who would have gone without this holiday season.  December 19th would have been Rees’ 3rd birthday, and many of the toys we delivered would have made his eyes light up with glee if he were here to see them.  The pain of not having our little boy with us, at what should be the happiest time of year,  is mitigated by the fact we know there will be so many smiles on all of the children who received toys because of the generosity of Rees’ pieces.  I am in awe of what the human spirit can accomplish, and I know that this world is filled with good and kind people; some just waiting for their … Read More