img_0642To the Man that I will never know:

Not a night passes in which I don’t wonder what you would have done that day had your life not been taken from us.  What would you be saying now?  Would you sit on my lap and watch cartoons with me?  Would you still smile and laugh as much as you always did?  Those thoughts invariably move to projections of the future.  What would your strengths have been, weaknesses?  Would you play video games with me and enjoy watching baseball?  Would you be a singer like me, or a piano player like Mommy?

How about food?  Would pizza have been your favorite, or maybe a hamburger?  Perhaps you would have been vegetarian?  The fact is I will never know, and it tears me up inside.  I hate that I will never know these things about you.  You were an artistic masterpiece that … Read More