Hi Rich and Samantha,

I just thought you would like to know that yesterday I used your business card to pay for the customer behind me at the drive-thru at Starbucks on 347. When I gave the card to the lady she informed me that they are receiving DOZENS of these cards a day and constantly having people pay for the car behind them. She asked me a little bit more about the cause and I explained it to her. She then asked me for a card so that she can join in. I thought you would be super happy to know that your voices are being heard and you are really making a positive impact on people!

Keep it up!!


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We have the opportunity to purchase 25 or more (25 minimum) tickets to Man of Steel that would include admission, a drink and a popcorn for $35.00 per person ($10.00 goes to foundation) at AMC Loews in Stony Brook.  We are trying to gauge interest in doing this as a fundraiser and a really cool way for Rees’ pieces to come together around the symbol that really started this whole movement.  If we can get at least 25 people to show interest for doing this on Friday June 14th or Saturday June 15th we will order the tickets.  Please let us know here, or on Facebook of your interest.  We are hoping for  SUPER turnout
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