Original Rees' pieceThose of you who know me know that I grew up in a home surrounded by women.  As an adult, with a family of my own, I have 2 wonderful daughters and my beautiful wife.  I have spent my life surrounded by women, so when the Doctor proclaimed “It’s a boy!” – it made my life complete.  In that moment the missing piece of my life was completed – and Rees did it.  So you see, I am proud to be the original Rees’ piece.  His 22 months in my world changed me for the better.  It is my hope that his eternal legacy changes the world for the better.  We can all make a difference, one person at a time, piece by piece. ReesSpecht Life.

PayItForwardToday is National “Pay it forward day”.  In honor of this day, ReesSpecht Life took our message to our local Dunkin’ Donuts and left $100.00 to pay for the breakfasts of the people who came in after us.  We left cards for them and hope that they pay it forward in Rees’ name.  One person can make a difference.  We can all be Superheroes in real life…  ReesSpecht each other, ReesSpecht Life. 🙂

Card Story of the day:

“Brought your message to Cortland, NY this weekend. Gave a single mom with 2 kids something she wanted but could never allow herself the luxury to buy. She was overwhelmed and promised to pay it forward – two college students witnessed her joy and asked me about the card I gave her. I explained your mission,they were so touched they took some cards from me to spread the message. Today was the best day I have had in a long time. Thank you for encouraging us all to be the best we can be to each other.”

Thank you, Diane.  Somewhere, out there, Rees is smiling 🙂  – and I am too!



ReesSpecht Life Cards

ReesSpecht Life Cards

Wow ReesSpecht Life is really out there. While getting my vision tested today the nurse asked me some questions about stress and I mentioned Rees. She stopped cold and said “Are you ReesSpecht Life?” – when I confirmed she gave me a big hug, told me she had the chills and asked me for some cards. This really made my day 🙂 Thank you Rees 🙂

Hi Rich and Samantha,

I just thought you would like to know that yesterday I used your business card to pay for the customer behind me at the drive-thru at Starbucks on 347. When I gave the card to the lady she informed me that they are receiving DOZENS of these cards a day and constantly having people pay for the car behind them. She asked me a little bit more about the cause and I explained it to her. She then asked me for a card so that she can join in. I thought you would be super happy to know that your voices are being heard and you are really making a positive impact on people!

Keep it up!!