I hate that October 27th is THAT date on the calendar I can’t avoid. It’s a day that stands out, stark and unforgiving, etched in the darkest ink. Year after year, it approaches, unwelcome and unrelenting. Every year, as this date looms, the pain, sadness, and loss build to a crescendo, threatening to engulf everything in its wake. If time is a wheel, then the 27th is now the hub it spins around… It’s hard to believe that eleven October Twenty Seventh’s have come and gone since my little boy, Richie “Rees” Specht, was taken from us in a tragic drowning accident. It feels like it happened just yesterday, the pain and heartache still as fresh as ever, etching that fateful day into my memory like [...]
This one hurts and I’ve got a mix of emotions swirling inside. As you know, the ReesSpecht Life Foundation has always been about spreading kindness and positively impacting the world. Life threw me a curveball recently, and it turns out – I have trouble with the curve… As such, I felt it’s important to open up to you, our incredible community, because you’ve been there with us and our mission through thick and thin. The Deception: It’s never easy to talk about times when trust is shattered. I’ve always believed in the goodness of people and the power of coming together to make a difference. In some ways, because this is how I choose to see the world, I mistakenly assume that everyone sees the world [...]
  Today, I spoke at Longwood Junior High School, sharing the story of my son Rees and the mission we’ve embarked upon to spread kindness and compassion. After the assembly, a young man named Steven approached me and thanked me for coming to his school and sharing our story again. His words touched me, but I belatedly realized he said “again.” I must have looked puzzled; this was my first time speaking there. Before I could say anything, he said something that took me aback: “I remember when you came to my elementary school. I never forgot your story. Thank you for sharing the whole story today. I just wanted you to know that it’s made a difference in my life. Thank you, Mr. Specht. I’ll [...]

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