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farmerThere have been over 400,000 ReesSpecht Life cards distributed.  If you are here because you received a card and a random act of kindness, please feel free to share your experience with us.  We would love to hear the accounts of different acts of kindness being committed in Rees’ name 🙂

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  1. During the summer I was playing basketball at a park in the Sandy devastated town of Rockaway Park NY. As I arrived to the park I noticed a family moving in to the house across from us. I struck up a conversation with the owner of the house who asked me move my car forward so that a delivery truck could deliver furniture to the home. It turned out that the family was returning back to live in their home for the first time since Hurricane Sandy had destroyed their home. I immediately felt that I should help the family move in their belongings. They were overjoyed when I told them that I would help them move back in.

  2. Your son and your message really inspired me to always do acts of kindness when opportunity arises. I like the message that there doesn’t always have to be a reason to do something nice. Why wait for something bad to happen to do some good. This summer I put together little gifts of chocolates and nice notes for the people that mean a lot to me or have helped me along the way. Including a couple of coworkers, my boss, good friends, great teachers, and family. I wanted to show even just with a little gift I appreciate what they’ve done for me

  3. This summer I was at 711 and I realized that i hadn’t eaten animal crackers in so many years, so I decided to purchase them and began looking for a drink. As I was looking for my drink two younger children were arguing over the last box of animal crackers which the older brother ended up taking from the younger sister. As they walked out of the 711 I saw them fighting over the box in the car,I gave them my box and gave the dad the card, it wasn’t anything major, but, I enjoyed seeing them both happy.

  4. I went to a concert last month in manhattan. As the concert started a young concert goer passed out in front of me. Seeing this I acted rapidly to get them to a medic.

  5. After your story, I saw one day that my elderly neighbor Shirley was being put into an ambulance. I went over to see what the situation was about and saw that she was suffering a mild stroke. She was alone and that broke my heart. I went to the hospital with her and stayed there until her son and daughter-in-law arrived. I am so sorry for your loss and cannot imagine the strength that your family must have to move forward and start a campaign in the respect of your son. Your family is in my prayers. Rest in peace Rees. <3

  6. So there were these people moving into college on move in day with me. We we both carrying these big boxes, but his dropped and everything spilled out onto the floor. Instead of just walking by and carrying my box up to my room, I set all my stuff down and helped him pick things up and pack up his box again before moving on. ReesSpecht Life

  7. I drove someone home that was an hour out of my way at 2am. He offered to pay me gas money but I refused to accept it.

  8. After hearing your presentation, I brought my neighbors trash cans into their garage on a rainy day, and left the card. I was very touched by your story.

  9. One of the acts of kindness that I have done is on the last of my job I decided that I wanted to repay all my coworkers kindness and I bought Chinese food for everyone…

  10. After i heard your story during the stony brook orientation, I was thinking to do something good to other people. And I actually did. I bought some coffee to those who don’t have money to buy it.

  11. While ordering lunch On my first day at SBU, the student in front of me forgot his I’d card, which he needed to pay for his lunch. He was sifting through his wallet searching for money (which he didn’t have) so I paid for his lunch for him.

  12. Dear Specht family,

    When I took your card home after my freshman orientation, I honestly buried it away and forgot about it. I never passes it on, or made copies and spread the word. But I didn’t forget your message. I passed on your message. The verbal copy of the ideas you successfully shared. It worked

  13. Over the summer I saw a young woman running to the train that I was on. She slipped onto the train just before the door slammed shut and began rummaging through her bag in search of her ticket, which she had misplaced. I over heard her complaining on the phone that she had no extra money and so I handed her my ticket along with a reesspechtlife card. I did have to spend twice the money to rebuy my ticket but it was worth it.

  14. I used the card in the city when I went this summer. I gave this card to a homeless person with money saying if your ever get out of the position of being homeless, please pass on this card and help them out just like I helped you out today! He was thankful by the donatation but was interested in the whole movement when he asked what it was about!

  15. I taught some random kids on my street how to break dance after noticing that they were really interested in it, but were too shy to come forward and ask 🙂

  16. I stepped in for Reese in Russia by helping a group of elderly women throughout a tour I was on with many different tasks and eventually gave one of them the card.

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