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farmerThere have been over 400,000 ReesSpecht Life cards distributed.  If you are here because you received a card and a random act of kindness, please feel free to share your experience with us.  We would love to hear the accounts of different acts of kindness being committed in Rees’ name 🙂

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  1. I heard you speak, and it touched me very deeply. I went to my local deli and left your card and $20 for the next 15 people who came through the store to get a cup of hot tea or coffee on this cold day. I asked the owner to show each person your card and let them see the “why”. Hopefully the warm cup fills their body, and your story warms their heart and inspires them to keep spreading kindness.

  2. I received the card from my grandson he got in school we will share our kindness with someone then forward the card to someone else.

  3. I got it in school today after a assembly with mr.specht, and I felt like a jerk after it because me and my friends made a joke about one of his body details. Afterwards I realized much of a good man he was and what he wanted to do for the world.

  4. I just received the car from a student, ELLA, who is always very nice and respectful.
    Not all the students are kind to teachers, but ELLA shows her kindness with a sense of humor and gracefulness.
    Thanks, and keep being kind, and you will make a difference in people’s life.

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