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farmerThere have been over 400,000 ReesSpecht Life cards distributed.  If you are here because you received a card and a random act of kindness, please feel free to share your experience with us.  We would love to hear the accounts of different acts of kindness being committed in Rees’ name 🙂

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  1. Hi, my name is Teddy and in honor of your son, one thing that I thought was nice was help a woman carry her stroller down the stairs of a crowded subway station. I also have her the card to spread you message. Thank you.

  2. To “to pay it forward” I brought my neighbors scones with the card at the bottom of the plate. I know it made their day because when I saw them a couple of days later they thanked me and even bright over some pasta salad. 🙂

    W should all learn top Reespecht life, the wrong would be a better place.

  3. I used the card in the city when I went this summer. I gave this card to a homeless person with money saying if your ever get out of the position of being homeless, please pass on this card and help them out just like I helped you out today! He was thankful by the donatation but was interested in the whole movement when he asked what it was about

  4. While at a McDonald’s drive thru window, a homeless man came to my car window and asked for food/money. In honor of Rees, I bought him a meal

  5. I saw an elderly woman carrying a bag of rice and other groceries. I saw her struggling in front of me, so I went up to her and offered to carry her groceries back to her house. Afterwards, the woman was greatful that I had helped her.

  6. I was at Dave and busters one day and this kid didn’t have enough tickets to get what he wanted so I gave him my tickets and a card. Ofcourse they cried. They will surely pass it on

  7. This summer I let my boss not pay me on the day I was supposed to get paid so that he could pay one of the other employees who I felt needed the money at the time more than I did. I got paid but a few days later

  8. On July 20, 2013, my mom and dad drove me to Mattituck to deliver 5 boxes of clothes and toys to Cody’s grandma. Cody is a 6 year old boy who lives in Ohio. He is not as fortunate as we are. We have a “box for Cody” in our house where I put my clothes that don’t fit and toys I don’t play with anymore. Cody is always happy to receive our packages, but this year, he was excited to use the Monster Jam backpack I sent him for school. Cody’s happy, and I’m happy too.

  9. Went for a walk and grabbed a smoothie on my way back home as it started to drizzle. As I was walking, a young man and woman came up to me, saying they were from out of state (showed me their license) and that they had come down to visit someone who was in the hospital and needed money to catch the next bus, etc. I gave them a few dollars for the bus, along with your card, briefly told them your story, and asked them to “pay it forward.” Whether their story was true or not, it still felt nice to do a good deed and hopefully they will pass it on.

  10. We are Reespechting Life all over Europe! Liz Sullivan had this picture taken at Schloss Neuschwanstein in Bavaria, Germany!!!

  11. Today my family walked in the Take Steps, Be Heard Crohn’s and Colitis walk. My mom wore her ReesSpecht Life drawstring. A woman came up to us asking where we got the bag because she liked that it had an “R” and her name started with an ‘R’. We explained the meaning behind ReesSpecht Life and gave her a card. She loved the idea of paying it forward and making a difference in others. She said she’s helped friends who have had major damage after Sandy. She said even just buying them dinner one night made a difference. We told her to check out the website and welcomed her as one of Rees’ Pieces.

  12. While at Dunkin Donuts today buying a treat, I noticed a physically challenged gentleman ask for the price of a water. I looked over and saw him slowly limping back to the refrigerated unit to return it when I asked him if he still wanted it. When I offered to buy the water, he said to me, “Isn’t that called pass it forward?” It felt great!!!!!!!!!

  13. My dad and I were packing our car at Costco and we found a cell phone in an empty cart. I called the first number I could find on a phone that I didnt know how to work. When the person said hello, I said, Hi, you dont know me, but I found this phone, would you happend to know who it belongs to. He said..It belongs to my wife I cant believe you found it. I told him I would bring it back into Costco and leave it at the customer service desk. I left the phone and one of your cards with the person at the desk. Makes me feel good when I pass a card along.

  14. I was at a craft fair today and left a card at the concession stand along with money to for someone to buy a treat. Two of the high school aged girls working the fair found me later and wanted to help spread the word by becoming Rees’ Pieces!!! I’m sending cards into school with my daughter tomorrow!

  15. Thank you so much. I went to CVS and my purchase was paid for-and the cashier handed me a Reespechtlife card . What a great idea for passing along random kindness. And a wonderful way to celebrate and honor that precious little boy’s life. God bless his parents.

  16. I had just returned from a Christian Conference in Georgia and I was on my way home from the airport when I saw a garage sale just closing up. I happened to see an item I needed as a prop for our Children’s Ministry Theater. When I asked the price the man named Ben told me, but the price was a little high for our church budget. Just then Ben said, “wait just a minute” and he went into his house. He handed me the card and he said I can have the item for my church for free if I would pay it forward. I promised I would!

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