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farmerThere have been over 400,000 ReesSpecht Life cards distributed.  If you are here because you received a card and a random act of kindness, please feel free to share your experience with us.  We would love to hear the accounts of different acts of kindness being committed in Rees’ name 🙂

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  1. My 10 year old daughter has epilepsy and we received this card in a care package for her that was epilepsy themed from a lularoe retailer that we’ve never even met! The epilepsy awareness flag is purple, and inside of the care package was purple lularoe leggings in her size, a purple bracelet, Halloween themed temporary tattoos and a pencil as well as several pieces of candy. What a wonderful surprise it was for her! Cant wait to figure out how we will pay it forward.

  2. Hello,

    My name is Tatiana. I was in a McDonald’s Drive-Thru waiting to pay for my meal. While waiting in line I was paying my phone bill which was behind and not that far from being disconnected also going over some of my bills. I am also a college student and just recently moved out. The last few months have been really tough. So when the woman in a silver minivan paid for my meal, I couldn’t help but want to cry. Then the cashier hands me the ReesSpechtLife card and I began to read their story. I immediately started tearing up and couldn’t help but be emotional. As the woman drove away I yelled to her “Thank You” but I’m not sure if she heard me. I hope she knows how much that meant to me. How much I was struggling with funds and I was already beating myself up for eating out and how inspiring she is. Thank you so much for making my night and making me aware of this beautiful little boy. I am so blessed to have experienced this tonight and I will keep this card in my wallet and continue to pass on kindness to others. I may even bless someone else and hand them this gift to inspire others and spread love. I am forever grateful, even for the smallest gift.

  3. Hello,

    I am a student at Boise State University. I received my card 10-8-17 in a Winco Foods store around midnight. I was doing some late night grocery shopping and as I was about to check out my debit card was declined. Being somewhat embarrassed I began to call a few of my friends to see if they could buy my groceries and I could pay them back at a later date. During the duration of the phone calls, a woman named Rebecca approached me and told me to not worry about the cost and that she had just paid for my groceries. Being that I am in college and live on a tight budget this random act of kindness helped me out tremendously. I am going to be completely honest, I began to get teary-eyed as I walked out to my car after she had left. As I was loading my car with the groceries, she drove up next to me and explained her inspiration to her random act of kindness and then handed me the card. I fully intended on paying it forward. God bless.

    • I was so pleased to help you. I’ve been where you are. Waiting tables is hard work and not everyone understands tipping. 🙁 I’m glad this movement inspired us to be a blessing in this troubled world.

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