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farmerThere have been over 300,000 ReesSpecht Life cards distributed.  If you are here because you received a card and a random act of kindness, please feel free to share your experience with us.  We would love to hear the accounts of different acts of kindness being commited in Rees’ name 🙂

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  1. Olá roberta, espero que esteja tudo bem com vc… Os preços de nossos books estão neste link no cabla§Ãeho da pagina ou clicando .Qualquer dúvida fique a vontade. =)

  2. First of all I would like to really be sorry for your great loss. Secondly I would like to appreciate your efforts as a human being for making the world a better place to live. You have used your pain in order to resolve worries of humanity. You are an inspiration to all. May ALLAH bless you in your mission.

  3. I was looking on Facebook and an article came across with this info. First I want to say so TRUELY sorry for the loss. It is unfortunate that we tend to have to go through tragedy in order to have our eyes awakened. I say our, because people tend to point fingers, however more or less we are all guilty of it. Although my story isn’t as horrible, it is my story, I had to endure constant domestic abuse for 10 yes, since I’ve finally taken a,stand to leave that relationship behind me, I want to help others. I TRUELY commend your acts of kindness, and admire people such as yourselves. All too often these types of tragedies could turn us into people we do not want to be, i.e drugs ect. It takes a strong will, to make a commitment such as this. I want to say thank you for sharing your story, I look forward to starting my own non profit organization, for homeless/ domestic abuse.

  4. My two year old son, and my very pregnant belly were just at Viva La Pasta in Simi Valley, Ca and received the most wonderfully timed act of kindness! Today was one of those hormonal and emotional days when I thought that I was not doing a good enough job as a mommy, that the baby girl in my belly was not receiving the love and affection and excitement that our son did, and that I had done so much for others in giving all our out grown baby gear to families in need, not selling anything, and giving all my sons clothes to my best friend who needed it. But feeling, selfishly, that I deserved something in return. That we were now the ones in need, and that we needed the help now, but weren’t getting it. My husband is in the military and he is back in Florida while we visit family for the holidays, so sitting alone with my kiddo eating way too much pasta, our server comes up with this card, and tells me my meal has been paid for.. I started to cry. I can’t thank you enough stranger, for giving me this gift that you didn’t know i needed so badly tonight. Thank you for the kindness, and I will be passing this on to someone in need as soon as possible. I cant say this enough, kindness is so important, this message is so relevant and so needed. I cannot imagine losing one of my children, and to be so strong as to turn his life into the most positive thing that it possibly could be, is a testament to the type of heart you as parents have. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

  5. At the end of a hard day, driving the highway hurrying to get home my husband and his coworker came upon several lol old ladies who were clearly in trouble. In their travels they found themselves w a flat tire and no idea nor strength to change it. Knowing my hubby I know he didn’t have a as one thought, they spun around quickly got these ladies safely back on the road and they were each given a pay it forward cars and 20$, after several attempts at refusal they accepted and went on their way home. When he came home and showed me that awesome lol card I decided to order some for myself. Awesome idea of restoring our faith in humanity it. Wish we knew their names to thank them properly.

  6. This was so amazing. I went to mcdonalds craving a Mcrib. I know they aren’t good for me but I though what the heck. Receiving this card was the best thing that has happened to me this month. Although I don’t know what it’s like to experience the death of a child, I just lost my father September 23rd and lrd knows it’s been the most difficult time of my life. I recently took a leave of absence from work due to the mental impact it had on my life. There are still good people in this world and I promise to pay it forward. THank you to the lady that paid it forward for me. I am truly speechless. The little things in life truly mean the world to me.

  7. I just had wonderful. Experience at cracker barrel my girlfriend. And i had our meal paid for. By a nice lady with. A card to pat it forward. Which. We did with. Our waitress it was aheart warming act of kindness

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