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Toy Drive 2016

Date November 19, 2016


Please consider supporting our 2016 Toy Drive!  This year we have over 40 drop-off locations in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.  Over the past four years, the ReesSpecht Life Foundation has collected over 10,000 toys for family’s in need.  We hope to make this year our most successful ever.  We cannot do it without your help.  Please refer to the list below for drop-off locations and addresses.  Drive runs from now until December 12th.  Thank you!


Rich and Samantha Specht


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Kindness and ReesSpecht are needed now more than ever…

Date November 14, 2016

seeds-of-kindnessHelp us bring kindness front and center, where it belongs…

The ReesSpecht Life Foundation is running a short fundraiser to help us raise the funds to grow our programs and continue spreading the seeds of kindness world-wide.  We believe in the power of kindness to change the world for the better.  This past year has seen a great divide form in our country and it is our goal to remind us all that kindness is the greatest single factor that unites US ALL together.  We are offering these limited time “Spread the Seeds of Kindness” T-shirts and hoodies from now until December 4th only.  ALL proceeds from the sale will go to our charitable endeavors.  To view the items for sale, head over to and buy a shirt.  It’s that simple.  Every shirt we sell helps us to plant the seeds of kindness.  Stop wishing for a better world … Read More

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It’s never as bad as you think it is…

Date November 9, 2016

cultivatekindnessyinyangThis election brought out the worst in all of us and now it is (effectively) over.  Half of the country is celebrating and the other half is full of apprehension and fear.  As I write this my Facebook feed is blowing up with many of my friends and family lamenting the coming apocalypse.  I for one am actually relieved.  I tend to get worked up in the short term and then calm down and collect my thoughts and get right back to solving problems.

Nothing has changed for me tonight.  Nothing will change in January.  My path going forward is unhindered and the only thing that will change along that way is the scenery.  I remember the feeling of absolute hopelessness I had after my little boy died four years ago.  In that moment I thought I would never get past the terrible loss I endured.  It felt as if … Read More

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