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Date August 9, 2015



I noticed the similarity of these two pictures as I was putting this blog together. I’ll never forget that moment with Rees and I am thankful I have the opportunity to have those moments with Melina.

My wife, also known as the Saint of Sound Beach (for putting up with me for more than 20 years now), reminds me often that I am a walking paradox. Apparently my ability to solve complex problems yet forget simple things like what days the garbage goes out is something that keeps her up at night.  I must admit, I find it incredibly frustrating that I can remember the most obscure facts about things, and have an uncanny ability to recall them, yet I struggle to remember the names of people I have known for some time.  I love pea soup, but I hate peas.  I love anything strawberry flavored, yet I despise … Read More

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Guest Blog: The ReesSpecht Life Story

Date June 29, 2015

The following is a piece written by my former student, Siobhan Becker, for her Journalism Class.  She reached out to several news outlets to publish it, but they declined.  Since we reach more people than many newspapers, I told her I would post it here.  I added the pictures, but everything else is hers (with the exception of a couple of edits)  It sums up our mission quite well…

At 8:35 a.m., a bell rings, signaling the beginning of second period at Great Hollow middle School in Nesconset. Rich Specht greets his first science class of the day. He’s got 26 eighth grade students to share his love of science with.

Today’s lesson is on the neuron, a specialized cell that sends nerve impulses throughout the body.

“It’s all about regulation,” he explains.

A typical Lesson for Mr. Specht

A typical Lesson for Mr. Specht

He gets a game of catch going with an orange foam … Read More

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Starting all over

Date June 25, 2015

why?In my first 14,692 days of life I have asked many questions; some easily answered and others impossible.  I certainly do not recall my first questions, but I imagine my first question as simply: “Why?”.  Why does Mommy smile at me when I laugh?  Why does Daddy laugh when I make sounds that sound similar to bodily functions?  Why does Grandma give me a disapproving look when I spit my food on her?  We all learn by questioning the world around us.  Even before the language that exists to express these questions forms, we immediately start seeking the answers to them.  Some answers are easily obtained, while others remain out of reach…

Answering the “whys” of life never stops – they simply grow:  Each new answer invariably leads to ever more complex questions.  It is no coincidence that this complexity mirrors the ever burgeoning complexity of the brains that spawned … Read More

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