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Tickled Pink

Date November 18, 2014

I am in a good place.  A great place, actually.  After two years of pain I really did not think this place I am currently residing in was attainable again. I am happy.  Truly, happy.  Why am I so happy?  Very simply;  it’s because a little girl repaired a hole in my heart…


A signature of my blog posts over the past two years is their brutal honesty.  I don’t withhold anything in my writing.  Every emotion felt was, and remains to be, fair game for me to share.  Those feelings, almost universally negative, seem caught in an orbit centered around the loss of Rees.  Over the past two years a constant stream of fiery emotions bombarded me from their orbit, always seeming to make a direct impact on me.  One of the most frustrating aspects of this bombardment is the randomness of the strikes.  There was/is no discernible periodicity … Read More

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Right now.

Date October 5, 2014

We spent 12 of the 14 days after Rees’ death in darkness.  Not a figurative darkness, a literal one.  It took 12 days for the Long Island Power Authority to restore our power in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  For 12 days I sat in a dark, silent, house befitting my shattered and darkened soul. For 12 days I toiled about, much like other Islander’s, keeping my generator running, trying to figure out how to shower, and coming up with creative ways to create meals out of a rapidly defrosting melange of meats and veggies in our freezer.  My family felt the same shock shared by most of the people in the tri-state area who suddenly found themselves with the first-world only problems of being cut off from our social networks, newsfeeds and favorite tv shows.  Superstorm Sandy was a shared dose of misery for almost every person in the … Read More

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How do you measure heart?

Date September 24, 2014


What is a teacher?  How do you measure the effect they have on the countless numbers of children whose live’s that teacher touches?  How can I look back on the career of my dearly departed friend, Arty Miller, and properly evaluate his role as a teacher in our community?

Our government and pencil pushing bureaucrats think they have the answer, and it looks like this:











According to the bureaucrats and policymakers who dictate education policy, we can effectively measure the worth of a teacher in a calculation that is more complex than Erwin Schrödinger’s differential equation which explains the quantum nature of matter and light (see HERE if you wish to get an idea).  You can, apparently, boil the life’s work of an educator down to a single number.  A good teacher, according to those who don’t teach, can be quantified.  … Read More

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