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Date December 19, 2014

10413377_10205292989505197_5220862969213638785_nToday would have been Richie’s fourth birthday. Instead of wrapping gifts, purchasing balloons and baking a cake, I find myself staring at the pictures of my little boy who will never grow up. Meanwhile, messages are pouring in from our website about all the acts of kindness people are performing on a day set aside in New York State and Suffolk County celebrating Kindness in his name. As I sit here writing this, I feel one thing: overwhelming sadness. Why? Well the reason may surprise you…

My sadness is fueled by the realization that I am selfish.  I want nothing more than my little boy back, and I would trade every kind act, ReesSpecht Life card, book, toy drives, meals, “Kindness Days” and scholarships to do it.  If I ever had a chance to make that impossible decision, I would not hesitate to erase it all and be with him … Read More

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Verizon “Heroes on Our Island” Story

Date December 17, 2014

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kindness day

Date December 16, 2014

It’s Official!



We are proud to announce that Rees’ birthday, December 19th, is now officially Richard “Rees” Specht Kindness Day in Suffolk County, NY.

Samantha and I are honored that Legislators Anker and Muratore sponsored this proclamation making the birthday of our little boy “Kindness Day”.  It is our hope that others will be inspired by the spirit of our little Rees to help make this world a better place, one piece at a time…  This honor could not be better timed, as it helps to ease the pain of knowing that this friday would have been Rees’ 4th birthday.  Happy Birthday in heaven little man.  You have a day named after you…  wow.  Mommy and Daddy love you to the moon and back.  Happy “Kindness Day”, Reesie.

Click to Read Full Proclamation

Click to Read Full Proclamation

There is no better day of the year than “Kindness Day” to accept our Kindness challenge!  

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