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Brothers and Sisters in Armbands.

Date April 17, 2017

Imagining the “unimaginable”

There are three words that every parent of an angel hears all too often:  “I can’t imagine”.  Whenever I hear those words from others my response is always the same… Yes, you can absolutely imagine losing your child.  In fact, you most likely do it more than you are willing to admit.  More often than not, the thought is fleeting; washed away from the shores of your mind in a reassuring glance at your child.  Yes, you imagine it all the time. The truth is you are fearful of the very real possibility of what you imagine becoming reality…

For parents who lost a child the dynamic is completely reversed.  Fleeting moments of fear are replaced with innumerable moments wishing that our child was playing that game, singing in that choir, opening a Christmas gift or blowing out those birthday candles.  Everyday moments become unwelcome reminders of … Read More

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What to do When Bullies “Grow Up”.

Date February 12, 2017

There are many statistics on childhood bullying that are readily available:

According to the most recent studies from American SPCC

  • Been Bullied
    28% of U.S. students in grades 6–12 experienced bullying.
    20% of U.S. students in grades 9–12 experienced bullying.10
  • Bullied Others
    Approximately 30% of young people admit to bullying others in surveys.
  • Seen Bullying
    70.6% of young people say they have seen bullying in their schools.
    70.4% of school staff have seen bullying. 62% witnessed bullying two or more times in the last month and 41% witness bullying once a week or more.

Clearly, bullying is a problem for school age children – but with all these statistics there are almost none that address:

When bullies “grow up”

I am a heavy man.  I was an overweight child. Having been this way almost my entire life, I have had my fair share of up-close exposure to bullies.  If Read More

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Toy Drive 2016

Date November 19, 2016


Please consider supporting our 2016 Toy Drive!  This year we have over 40 drop-off locations in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.  Over the past four years, the ReesSpecht Life Foundation has collected over 10,000 toys for family’s in need.  We hope to make this year our most successful ever.  We cannot do it without your help.  Please refer to the list below for drop-off locations and addresses.  Drive runs from now until December 12th.  Thank you!


Rich and Samantha Specht


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