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A Spoonful of sugar…

Date August 30, 2014

There are no coincidences. I’ve written before about how I no longer believe that everything in life is random and has no greater meaning.  The signs are all around me and are undeniable.  There exists, somewhere, a greater reality that has a vested interest in the goings on here.  I don’t know what, or who, it is – but there is something out there nudging us towards the encounters we are meant to have in our lives.  Its as though each person’s life is a thread spun from the spinning-wheel of existence, woven together into this tapestry we call life.  It would seem that some threads are short and vibrant, whereas others are long.  Regardless of their size, shape or placement, each string has its intended place.

 That’s as it should be. – Mary Poppins

Each thread serves its own role in the embroidery of the tapestry yet, because it

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Date August 29, 2014

I have not written in a month.  1 month to the day.  I can feel it.  My footsteps are heavier.  My heart aches a little more.  My mind is in a fog.  Happiness eludes me even when I am surrounded by everything and everyone who should make it tangible.  I should not be feeling this way…

Everything in my life is moving towards the positive.  My newest daughter is arriving in one month.  Our book is more successful than I could have imagined.  More people follow ReesSpecht Life than can fill Citi Field (though that isn’t saying much these days, since no one watches the Mets anyhow).  I have shared Rees with so many people – and he has made an impact on this world.  Everything I set out to do is something that has come to pass, and yet I am forlorn.  I hate feeling this way.  I just … Read More

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ReesSpecht Life Kindness Challenge!

Date August 29, 2014

After seeing the incredible success of the ALS Association’s #Icebucketchallenge, we have been inspired to do something similar to promote kindness.  The best part?  It takes no money* and only takes a fraction of your time to complete.
Here’s how it works:
It starts with a nomination.  Just like in the #Icebucketchallenge, you will be nominated by someone else on your social media friends list to complete the challenge.  To complete the challenge you need to perform an act of kindness and record it in some way (photo, video, written description, etc.) You then share your act on your facebook page, twitter account, instagram etc. and nominate other friends to accept the challenge as well.  When posting your challenge, please include your friends names and the tag #kindnesschallenge.  Feel free to share the post @reesspechtlife (twitter) or @ReesSpecht Life (facebook) as well.  We would love to see your ideas!  
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