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The world as it should be…

Date July 6, 2016

shouldbeThis past Father’s day I was presented with a gift pictured to the left. Nothing brings more joy to my heart than to see my children together, smiling and enjoying each other’s company.  When I think of being a father, my mind’s eye paints a picture very similar to this.  The problem is this moment only exists in my dreams…

The image you see is the closest I will ever get to seeing all of my children together. It’s an illusion. Bittersweet is the only word that I can think of that describes it: A representation of the world as it should be, yet a reminder of what I will never have.

The feelings that washed over me when my eyes gazed upon this scene were a unique mix of pure joy, wish fulfillment and utter sorrow – all wrapped up into one beautiful moment.  How could something elicit such … Read More

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When you wish upon a star.

Date June 8, 2016


How does one turn inspiration into action?  This is the problem I have been wrestling with for quite some time, and frankly I am still at a loss as to how to do it.  I have recently found myself overwhelmed with the feeling that our movement, although inspirational, is not making a real change.  I find myself growing increasingly frustrated by the number of people I hear complain about the state of the world around them.  I see posts all the time about the way things used to be, and how we are going in the wrong direction, blah, blah, blah.  I can’t help but wonder if those same people are posting these things while they are busy trying to keep up with the Kardashians…

These days my facebook news feed is nothing more than a constant reminder that we focus on things that simply do not matter.  When I … Read More

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Awesome Sauce!

Date May 3, 2016


Order Hot Sauce from Hell’s Kitchen Hot Sauce and help Cultivate Kindness and the ReesSpecht Life Foundation!

Our foundation has seen a tremendous amount of support from so many individuals and companies in the past three years, but none have gone so far as to make the gesture that the Hell’s Kitchen Hot Sauce Company has made…  I am humbled to announce that they have decided to make a commemorative sauce in honor of our mission to Cultivate Kindness!  A portion of the proceeds from the sales of this special “Sweet ReesSpecht” sauce will go directly to support our foundation!  Right now the sauce is ONLY available through their Kickstarter campaign which runs until May 16th.  Right now there are 500 commemorative bottles available, and it is our goal to have Rees’ pieces purchase every last one of them.  Of course we would love for you to support us by … Read More

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